Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Release of the Day

Although a day old, the new release from the New York dubstep duo known as Sub Swara hits an interesting note. Entitled "Triggers" under the Low Motion Records label, you find a interesting mix of dubstep and electronic music.

The first song on the album, In Ether, brings a funky Joker type sound with a steady, swing rhythm. I would strut to this song... The second song brings an acid, funky, crunk sound at a hip hop rhythm.

Then I saw this next track...featuring Dead Prez...and their soundcloud has a free download!

Sub Swara ft Dead Prez- Speak My Language by SUPERTREND

This a cool release, but not sure it is club worthy...but pop this in a radio show, and you will get BIG UPS!

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Enjoy, DJ Question signing off...

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