Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introduction to DJ Question

Whats good,
My name is DJ Question and my only goal is to bring the most face metling dubstep, electro house, and dnb to your ears...

I will start you all off with a track

Kicks by DJ Question

An early track from me but a tease of is what to come, tune here Friday for a free download of this track and my new remix of Wolfgang Gartner & Deadmau5's Animal Rights.

But I am not here just to boost my own work, I make sure I stay up to date with all the hottest tracks on the scene and here are a few;

Number One, the loniest number but also the biggest release so far this month. Vaski, you may know him as one of the filthiest artists out there, bringing us bass crunching tunes from day one. His new EP off of a new division of Play Me Records, Play Me Too, had my speakers struggling. Spaceman was my favorite track off of the EP, its gashing wobbles, 8bit sound, and simple drums come together for a hype track for the clubs. Check it out

If you like it, you can cop it off Beatport below

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Track Numba 2, is not as grimy as one, but its still a kick in the teeth. Drum and Bass has been falling off for years, original sound is become more and more rare but it always puts a twinkle in my eye when a good DnB track comes out. This tune rocks my socks with a driving rhythm, simple bass lines, and hard drums. It reminds me of my early days DJing.

You can also cop this off Beatport
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What the fuck is Drumstep? Its for those of you who got sick of DnB and thought Dubstep was too slow...basically put Dubstep at a DnB tempo and you make a sick orgy called Drumstep. This track caught me off guard, most of the Drumstep that I have heard was kind of annoying, high pitched sounds, disorganized drums, etc. but this changed my mind...I think this genre has potential, and I think you are going to see a lot more of it.

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Last but definitely not least...if you havent heard this yet you must have been held underground in a small cave being held captive by terrorists...seriously, the new Skrillex web release, Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, is baller. I cant pick my favorite track off this EP so here is a song at random...Kill Everybody...a song to be played with Left 4 Dead keeping the rhythm going at 130 bpm, it breaks down into Dubstep so it can be played nicely with its Dubstep remix by Bare Noize.

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Well that is all for today, until next time...DJ Question signing off.

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